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If you feel that you or a loved one has a relationship with food that is impacting badly on their lives, please feel free to arrange an initial appointment to discuss the situation and the various ways in which ‘Eating Disorders Counselling Services Devon’ may be able to help.


Depending upon the nature of the disordered eating, one of the conditions of us working together might be that you need to see your GP on a regular basis. Eating disorder behaviours such as restricting food intake and purging can be extremely dangerous and it is imperative that some clients are being medically monitored to ensure their safety and wellbeing. All clients need to have a BMI of 16 or above, to engage with ‘EDCSD’. Any prospective clients who are under the age of 18 that are displaying eating disorder symptoms such as restriction or purging, need to have been seen by their GP prior to any appointments with’EDCSD’. ’EDCSD’ is not a clinical service, but a therapeutic one, and will work alongside and liaise with other professionals who are helping you with your recovery, such as dieticians, care co-ordinators, G.Ps, school nurses etc.


Whilst they can be many similarities amongst those that struggle with different eating issues, everyone is different and there is not a one size fits all approach to recovery. Your therapy will be individual to you and your needs. There are however evidence based interventions that will be offered, such as ‘Cognitive Remediation Therapy’, and in the case of Anorexia Nervosa, renourishing the brain and the body is fundamental to recovery and this will be where the main of emphasis of the work will be initially. ‘EDCSD’ keeps up to date with all the latest evidence based research and regularly attends conferences and training in the field of Eating Disorders.


Family members and loved ones can be hugely beneficial to a clients recovery and where appropriate can be invited into counselling sessions.


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