Eating Disorders Counselling Services is co-ordinated by Gill Wilson (MBACP) a qualified counsellor, who also holds the post of ‘School Counsellor’ at Colyton Grammar School in East Devon. Gill has always had a great interest in people and their relationship in food. She feels that:

‘As human beings we need to eat in order to survive and if our relationship with food is stressful then it can have a huge detrimental effect on us and those around us.’

Gill has been a counsellor at the Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorder Association (SWEDA) and she realises the need for a similar service in Devon. As well as offering counselling for a variety of eating disorders or habits, Eating Disorder Counselling Services Devon is able to put you in touch with other people or organisations who can offer support and help. Maybe meeting someone who has had a similar experience as yourself or is of a similar age would help you to become aware that whilst not always easy, it is possible to change?

Eating Disorder Counselling Services recognised that there is a huge gap in Devon for people who have issues with food and eating habits. Whilst some limited help is available from the health authorities it is usually offered to those whose eating habits have become so severe they are able to be clinically diagnosed with Anorexia or Bulimia. Statistics tells us that this is approximately 1.6 million of the UK population.

But where is the help for others? People that don’t like eating in public or can only eat alone. People who have a constant battle and would dearly love to be able to enjoy a family meal time or have supper at a friends house. Where do people turn for support?

Eating Disorder Counselling Services aims to give this support. It is important for someone to be able to access support as soon as they recognise that they need it. You will be able to be seen quickly and professionally..

Please feel free to all for an informal chat today on 07980 182118.