The reasons behind an Eating Disorder can be many and complex and unfortunately there is not a one size fits-all approach that will help the situation. As human beings are so diverse, so are the reasons behind the start of an Eating Disorder, and the hold that it can take on a persons life.

Sometimes food can be used to deal with difficult and painful emotions. By either restricting our food intake or by binge eating we are able to suppress or cut off our feelings. If we don’t feel this pain then our mind tells us that it is a sensible pattern of behaviour, it has kept us from being hurt, and so the pattern will be repeated.

Alternatively anorexia can start with people striving to become the “perfect” size and shape. Unrealistic models and celebrities that flood our minds constantly are setting unrealistic expectations of how we should look. In some people’s minds they are not successful unless they adhere to this shape.

A young person may be frightened of growing up into an adult and is horrified when during puberty their body begins to develop. By restricting their diet they believe that their life can be halted in some way and that life can just remain the same.

A trained counsellor can help a client become aware of where their eating disorder has stemmed from, and to gain a greater insight into why it has continued when it can be so destructive to them and to their loved ones. The reasons behind Eating Disorder are numerous and they may be deeply hidden in the clients unconsciousness. The eating habits probably started for a good reason but have become entrenched and can be causing irreparable damage, however they continue to be part of someones every day life.

A trained qualified counsellor is able to work in a variety of ways, depending very much on the client. The relationship between the counsellor and client is paramount in order for good work to take place; once this has been established change is possible.